TeaSpeak Server
Because a license fee is not my cup of tea!


The TeaSpeak server software is the ideal software for everyone who is annoyed about limits.

TeaSpeak also includes a lots of new cool features in contrast to other software.
Such as an built in Music Bot system. This system acts like a normal music bot system except that its much more efficient compared to other music bots. TeaSpeak also has an optional client badge spoof detection

But the best feature off all is the completely new TeaSpeak Web-Browser client.
Connect to any TeaSpeak server without the requirements of an installation
This feature is currently in alpha test. More information are available here.


The installation of TeaSpeak is very easy. Just download the TAR file, unpack them and run the start script.

Linux x64 | 1.1.40-beta-5
Download TeaSpeak